BEN YEHUDA Project Homepage 
New UX for an old web site
As an exercise I chose to design a new experience for an old site. The Ben yehuda project as i see it gives life to old scripts. 
Target audience:
people who like to read and learn.
Academic or non academic search.
people who see this scripts as israeli and zionist culture treasures and want to make sure it will not be forgotten.

My goals:
Variety- This project hid in it a huge mass of scripts. I wanted to make sure no one will miss it :). 
My solution was: By hovering the authors names the user can find more information.
Search- Most of the people get to the site through Google. I wanted to increase the search within the site. My solution was: A focus on an invitation to discover literature, articles and more.
Donate- This project exists thanks to people who type this materials at their free time. Donation can be both money and typing, and it's one of the main goals of this site.
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