Hello World!

My name is Farshad Aref-far from Iran and I’m the creator and manager of the “Hello” project.
It has been two months since we had the idea of gathering designers and illustrators from all around the world to design a peace message for everyone in the world, no matter where you live.

The message is simple: it is a hello that every artist writes in their own native language and alphabet. Most countries use hello as their greeting and it is an internationally known word. Almost everyone knows what hello means, and it is a magical word that can connect people together all over. It means peace and respect to each other, but each country has their own greetings.

In Iran we use “Doroud” or “Salam”. Some Spanish speaking use “Hola”, “Merhabaa” used by Arab people and "Zdorovat'sya" by those countries that speak Russian or similar languages. there is various hello in each countries which is different by region and accent!

The reason that we will publish the “Hello” project on September 21st is because that day we celebrate International Peace Day. Overall, 130 designers and illustrators from 75 countries are taking part in this project. It is the first project of many to come. Each artist was tasked to design a “hello” or greeting in their native language.
We believe that people should love and care for each other, no matter what country they live in, but some governments have not so positive feelings towards foreigners. For example some countries, the people leading their country have a lot of hate towards Israelis, Arabs and even American people, but almost everyone doesn’t harbor these negative feelings. This is the main message of the “Hello” project.

This project is for the people. People that love each other; those that are being hurt, and those who have hurt others. Yes, why not? This is for those that may gain peacefulness from our work, and hopefully give them a moment to even their tempers and reflect on their own actions. Maybe we save a person from being hurt by others, or give a glimmer of hope to those that think are alone in this world. This is also for those who have migrated for any reason and have lost their home, family and friends, as well as those who are suffering from the effects of war.

A special thank you to all who have accepted the invitation and that participated in “Hello” without hesitation. We would also like to thank all those that wanted to take part but were busy, had their own issues to solve, or were traveling and unavailable.

Farshad Aref-far
Admin & Manager of the “Hello” project
This project has two pages and are based on country and alphabet. In this page you can watch "Hello" artworks from A to K.
In the next page you can watch the artworks from L to Z and here us the link.
We hope you enjoy this project as we do.


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